Friday, August 5, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust Friday Fun Day: Lunch, Anyone?

Packing lunches can be a chore ... but with new cool lunch boxes out there ... the possibilities are limitless!  I love the lunch boxes with multiple sections like Bento, LunchBot, Planetbox.

Consider creating some of these lunches:

Protein Box

Wheat Crackers
Cheese Slices
Peanut Butter
Cucumber Slices
Boiled Egg
Blueberries and Apple Slices

Salad Box

Mixed Greens Salad
Boiled Egg
Cheese Slices
What other add-ins might you enjoy?

Roll-Up Box

Turkey Roll Ups are pictured ... but you could even do lettuce roll ups?  Insert your favorite veggies, or tuna/chicken salad, or as pictured, your favorite deli meat.

Add fruit and a handful of nuts!

These boxes can be prepared the night before ... and the variations are many!

I've started a collection on a Pinterest Board ... Check it out!

My favorite resources are listed here:


  1. So how do I sign up for the "Lunches by Beth" meals on wheels program? :) I need to find one of those lunch boxes... what a great idea!

    1. Move to Austin ... it's a deal :) There are many varieties of Bento boxes. AmazonBasics has a set of 4 for 9.99 ...


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